Whale Watching at Hervey Bay – A Visitors Guide

Whale watching tours

Thinking of taking a tour to Hervey Bay? Known as the capital of whale watching Hervey bay offers a delightful insight into the lives of the hump back whales. The beautiful scenery and the tranquil atmosphere makes up for many hours of recreational fun.

There is nothing more interesting than watching the whales frolic in their natural environment. The fact that the hump back whales are pretty much comfortable with the whale watching vessels allows tourists to watch the whales at their leisure. At Hervey bay you can take full day tours as well as half day ones.

Things to do in Hervey Bay

The beauty of Hervey bay along with the hump back whale watching has made it a popular destination for both locals and tourists. However there are a myriad of activities which you can do while you visit Hervey Bay. Some of these include

  • The clear waters and their pristine beauty beckon people to take a dip and swim in the coolness.
  • Most people prefer fishing to relax and have a great time with their loved ones.
  • Enjoy water sports like diving and kayaking for the more adventurous sorts.
  • That’s not all though, Hervey Bay has a great deal to offer to just about everyone. Be it a stroll in the botanical gardens or enjoy the gastronomic delights of the local cuisine, Hervey Bay has it all.
  • There are numerous tours and cruises which people could enjoy and which would give them a chance of observing nature with ease.

Whale Watching Tours

Hervey bay whale watchingThere are a number of whale watching tours available according to your convenience. Some of these include

  • Half day tours
  • Three fourth day tours
  • Complete day tours
  • Extended tours

The best thing about all these tours is that you get served great food so that you can enjoy nature along with some wonderful cuisine. Nothing beats watching these beautiful beasts frolicking in water. It’s the most proximity you could get with nature. Besides it’s also an experience of a lifetime, something which your kids or loved ones would always remember with fondness.

Whale Watching Vessels

The whale watching vessels have the following features

  • Different levels for whale watching. The lowest level is designed to be in alignment with sea level so people can get an up-close view of the large and magnificent mammals.
  • Most offer a free Wi-Fi as well so you keep the folks back home updated regarding your interesting activities.
  • Delicious food and tea and coffee as well. You are bound never to get bored during the whale watching tour. You get to socialize as well and make new friends.

Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure you keep the following things in mind before leaving for a whale watching tour

  • The clothes you wear should be comfy and also make sure that you bring an extra pair or two.
  • Sunscreen to avoid sunburns.
  • Your camera
  • And a hat

If you are thinking of booking a whale watching in Hervey Bay contact TasmanVenture.com.au