How to sharpen a scissor tips for hairdressers

Sharping an orange scissorAre you living in Sydney or Melbourne or in any part of the world? Are you searching for articles, reviews or eBooks that teaches how you can sharpen your scissor? Then your search is over, because this article will do justice to a wide range of questions concerning scissor sharpening.

What is scissor sharpening?

This is simply the art of making your scissor or similar tool to be sharpened usually this can be done by grinding it against a rough, hard surface. Which can be either a soft surface, typically stone or hard particles like sandpaper? The edge can be polished and straightened with a strop or leather razor strop. Scissor sharpening can be very easy if you know the rules.

How do we sharpen the scissor?

If you browse through the market, you will notice that there are so many functional scissor sharpeners out there- it lies on you to choose the one that will be suitable to your needs and budgets. There are so many ways to sharpen your scissor.

Below are some useful tips:

Use a diamond stone or whetstone

Although, sharpening your scissor with this may take you some time, but it will achieve amazing results by the time you are done. At the end of the day, it will smoothen all the rough angles.

It lies on you to read the instructional materials from the manufacturer- this will surely give you an idea of how to sharpen the scissor- the guide will also tell you the right angle that will be appropriate for you.

Lubricate it with a little mineral oil

You don’t just start sharpening your scissor without lubricating it with a little amount of mineral oil. If you didn’t lubricate it with the oil, it may never achieve the results you desired- lubricating it will make it possible for the blade to pass through the stone and also keep the steel shavings from clogging the stone’s pores.

You can read more about this by checking the manufacturer’s guide. Keep in mind that there are some stones that are exclusively designed for oil, and they are called ‘oil stones’

Control your edge’s angle

This is possible with angle guide- this is usually placed under the scissor so as to keep the angle intact when you are scraping the scissor over the surface of the stone. Without this method, the next thing you will have to do would be to control the edge with your hand, and this can really be a herculean task. For you to do this, you must have a comprehensive knowledge of the angles.

To sharpen the scissor successfully, you must get the angle right. You can smoothen this process by painting with a sharpen pie on either sides of the blade. Then all through the sharpening process, ensure you inspect and know if the marker is being removed.

 We hope this article is helpful to you? If you take your time to practice all the principles explained here, you will surely master how to sharpen your scissor without stress. To avoid the hassle you can also opt to hire a professional scissor sharpening service. Obviously, there are many ways you can sharpen your scissor, but we try to give you these simplified ways. We know that these would be helpful to you especially if you are living in Melbourne, Sydney and surrounding areas.