Metololgy – All That You Wanted To Know

Metrology services

Metrology is necessary especially if you are thinking of purchasing a new property or adding a building to your existing property. Since most buyers often take loans before they buy land, it’s necessary to show the bank or the money lender documents of the land survey. Besides a land survey is something which could actually save you from being slammed down with an expensive legal notice.

The following are a few basic steps through which you can get your land surveyed easily.

When Do You Actually Need Metrology

These are the situations when it’s mandatory for you to get a metrology done to avoid legal trouble. A good metrology company will recommend the following tips:

  • Those looking to buy new property should get a land survey done. It helps you understand what kind of land you are buying.
  • If you are thinking of adding new construction to your already existing property, it becomes necessary to get a survey done. It will help you adhere to your property limit and avoid any legal suites
  • Those people whose property might have accesses easements should get a land survey done as well.
  • Those who are selling their property should get a survey done as well. It helps increase the sale value of your home as well. Most buyers would definitely appreciate the fact that you have had your land surveyed and saved them from trouble of getting one done themselves.
  • A land survey is performed when a property owner might require determining the exact measurement or acreage of their lands for tax assessment.
  • If by any chance you feel that your neighbor could be encroaching on your property when they are building something new.

Do Your Research

Once you have determined that you actually need a land survey done, its time to start looking for firms which specialize in land surveys. Check out a few yellow pages, ask around neighbors who might have had land surveys done recently and so on. This way you can shortlist a few who interest you.

Getting An Estimate

Once you have downsized your options it’s time to call up different firms for getting a cost estimate. Obviously you would rather choose someone who’s within your budget. Most land surveys firms require that you have a copy of your deed on hand for them to give you any answers. Let them know why you are interested in getting a land survey done.

Let The Surveyors Know Of Past Land Surveys Done On Your Property

Hydrographic survey servicesThis way you can actually save up on some cash if there are some boundaries which have already been surveyed. It saves the time of both the land surveyor and yours as well and in turn saves you money. If your home if by the beach or ocean it may be necessary to get a hydrographic survey done on your property. Hydrographic survey services will be crucial to ensure that your home is structurally sound.

Selecting The Right Land Surveyor

So you have shortlisted a land surveyor now it’s time to actually do your research on this particular individual. How long have they been in business, what is their mode of working, testimonials of previous clients and all the necessary information? This can help you know that you have made the correct choice.