Instagram Printer Hire- Why You Should Hire One Too

Instagram Photos Printer

Instagram printers for hire are becoming quite the in thing in Melbourne, Australia. These printers allow guests at events to print photos which they have taken.

What actually happens is that guests take their pictures at a party and use a hashtag e.g. #MelbourneHashtagHire which is created specifically for your event. As soon as the guests start loading their pictures on Instagram using this hashtag, the printer starts making copies of those pictures. This way guests can take away those pictures as a souvenir of your event.

The few reasons why hiring an Instagram Printer is a good idea are

  • You don’t need a professional photographer at your event.
  • Guests can choose to load their favorite photos from the lot
  • Instead of giving out souvenirs like chocolates or memorabilia, you can entice your guests with their specially printed Instagram pictures. These are indeed memories which they would cherish and remember for years to come.
  • No long wait necessary. Normally event photos would take ages to get in your hands let alone your guests. All that has changed with the advent of Instagram printers.

Hiring an Instagram Printer

LifePrint Instagram PrinterHiring an Instagram printer for an event in Melbourne, Australia is pretty easy. All you need to do is contact the owner at the website Melbourne Hashtag Hire. They not only provide you with photo booths but Instagram printers as well so that your party is one of the most talked about events ever. Plus they even allow you to hire their friendly assistants who would help you with the printing process and even take some great pictures of you and your guests at the event.

So don’t let your guests miss any of the fun. Allow them to take the memories of your event home, this way your special day becomes special for your guests as well.

Instagram Printing for Corporate Events

Instagram printing need not be limited for parties or private functions only. In fact most corporate events make use of Instgram printers and hashtag their events.

If there is a corporate event where you want to hire an Instagram printer make sure you call a company in Melbourne, Australia. Hiring a photographer for your event is a good idea however with a photo booth and Instagram printer at your service you don’t have to worry about waiting ages to receive your printed photos. An Instagram printer can print a beautifully captured image in less than twelve seconds.

However the above mentioned aren’t the only advantages of hiring an Instagram printer. Imagine the amount of publicity your event or brand could get on a social media website as people rush to hashtag your event in order to print their pictures. This is a great way of creating some buzz about your newly launched product or business. So with an Instagram printer you get an added benefit of great advertising as well.

These days most well known brands hire Photo booths and Instagram printers from here in Melbourne, Australia. For more information on hiring an Instagram printer for your event call a good company.