How to Make a Style Statement with Ugg Boots

Fashion models wearing ugg boots

Ugg boots have been a fashion staple for the longest time. You can see them make an appearance on the runway every now and then. Famous celebrities wear even wear them. There was a time during the nineties when Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton caused quite a stir while sporting these stylish shoes.

Ugg boots can be paired with leggings or with jeans. The key is to sport a stylish and trendy look without looking as if you are trying too hard. The following is a list of styling tips which would help you wear your Uggs with panache.

Styling Tips for Ugg Boots

Make sure you keep the following things in mind when you plan to rock your Ugg boots.

Wear your Uggs with the right clothes

Make sure that you never ever pair your Uggs with shorts. These boots are designed for the cold weather. They are lined with fur. If you do plan to look legit wearing these boots make sure you wear them with the right clothes.

Stylish UggsIf you cant imagine wearing jeans on a given day than its probably not the wisest thing to wear your Uggs either.

You can although wear Uggs with leggings and jeans. You have an option of tucking the pants inside your boots or you can wear your pants over the boots. Either way these boots would look great when worn at the correct time and in the right weather. These boots are actually meant to keep your feet warm so avoid wearing them during summer.

Avoid wearing Ugg boots in the rain

Ugg boots are meant for warmth and comfort. The better you take care of your boots the longer they will last. However wearing them during rainy weather is a strict no. these boots aren’t really willies. You should know that these are made up of sheep skin and fur and might get damaged due to the moisture. If by chance you are caught wearing your boots in the rain then you could kiss a few hundred quid’s goodbye.

Use a water proof spray or conditioner on your Uggs

Since you have paid quite an amount for getting your hands on this coveted pair of shoes, its time you take care of them as well. Make sure you keep the boots conditioned using moisture resistant sprays and condition them on a regular basis. Ugg are pretty high maintenance. You really do need to care for these boots if you want them to last.

Choose Ugg boots in neutral colors

Though you may be in love with all things pink but Ugg boots are pricey. Invest in a pair which you can wear with most of your clothes. Nude, tan beige and shades of browns and black are good choices. White Ugg boots look great but could get dirty. Choose your pair of Ugg boots wisely and make sure you wear them according to the weather.

Rocking a pair of these boots the right way can take your style quotient to the next level. For more information on purchasing a pair make sure you contact your nearest seller.