Finding Easy Wedding Transportation

Lucury transport on your wedding day

On your big day, don’t let a simple mistake ruin your transportation.

Do not scan the contract. Far too many people in all situations will skim over contract and never read the fine print. But this is one of those situations where and that can cause great damage. If you have an error or an omission in your contract they can mean that you are late to your own wedding. It might result in a late arrival or a no-show. You can also be on the hook for an accident or stains that your guests bills. You might even be on the hook for a service fee that you didn’t know was there. So read every point of your contract carefully. Triple check the hours for the rental, the date of the rental, the pickup and drop off locations, the drivers name, the attire, the make of the car, the model of the car, the color of the car, the cancellation policy, and the refund policy. Make sure every one of those items is included in your contract and is accurate 100%. Sure that the company also has insurance and ask the company if they are licensed to drive in the county where your wedding will be.

Travel in a chauffeur driven car throughout the wedding experience

Do not think just about the wedding day. Prior to the big day you might have a rehearsal dinner, a honeymoon departure the following day, an engagement party, or a bachelor or bachelorette party. If you will have drinking at many of these occasions, you should have a transportation plan for them. You don’t necessarily have to hire a large shuttle bus but you could hire a smaller limousine or rent a town car for the event. You can have all of these transportation worries taken care of before any of the events arrive. Even when you return from your honeymoon, make it easier by booking a trip from the airport to your home. Having a limousine waiting for you when you return from your honeymoon will make your trip so much easier.

Do not disregard traffic. Pad your arrival and departure times by 30 minutes each way. Being early is perfectly fine, but being late is not. Timing for transportation can mean the difference between a great wedding or a disaster that is rushed and awkward. Figure out how much travel time it will take for each of your routes you want to include this information in your contract and you want to pad it with 30 minutes just to ensure you are covered for any potential delays. It is best for you to travel the exact route you will be taking on your wedding day before the day takes place. This means if your wedding is on a Thursday, at 3 PM, and you should drive the exact routes on a different Thursday at 3 PM before the big day to see exactly what traffic is like. Perhaps there is a school that you pass on the way to your reception, which lets out at 3 PM, and can cause a huge traffic delay that you did not take into consideration. Knowing what the exact routes are and how much time it takes with help you to make more accurate travel decisions.