Concrete Scanning in Perth- Basic Facts and Info

Concrete scanning is a non-destructive way of scanning the concrete to create images of underground pipes, cables, mesh, beams and to determine the concrete thickness.

It makes use of the ground penetrating radar system, radar like device which can easily scan non-metallic surfaces. It can help to identify the following structures in the concrete. For example

  • Any embedded or buried objects within the concrete
  • Any pipes or drains underneath a slab of concrete
  • Live wires underneath concrete, asphalt or stone surfaces.

Some of the reasons why contractors in Perth make use of concrete scanning include

  • It helps eliminate costly repairs. While concrete drilling if a concrete scan hasn’t been performed it could cause damage to the underlying pipes or drains. Repairing these could make a company incur additional costs. Therefore concrete scanning can help identify any object which isnt visible to the naked eye to avoid damage
  • Concrete scanning can detect live wires as well. Thus it is important that the people you employ are safe. A safe working environment is usually more productive and people can avoid any dire situations with the use of concrete scanning.

Why Choose GPR Concrete Scanning over X-Ray

Concrete scanning technology with one hand

There are quite a few reasons why contractors in Perth prefer GPR scanning over X- Rays

  • A single sided access is enough to operate the GPR, while an X-ray needs an access from both sides.
  • X-rays are unable to detect live wires. GPR scanners can detect any live wiring and can help create a safe working environment for the drillers.
  • A GPR scanner has no radiation. This can’t be said about an X-ray.
  • A scanner can give an immediate result whereas you would have to wait around for an X-ray to be analyzed. Time is of essence in the construction and drilling process. The earlier you can see what lies beneath the faster you can start the work.
  • In case of X-rays these needed to be carried out at a specific time, whereas scanning can be performed during any time of the day and at all hours.
  • A GPR concrete scanner can scan thousands of feet of land in one go. X-rays are used more methodically and therefore prove to be more time consuming.
  • Though a GPR scanning is initially more costly it helps save in terms of time, resources and productivity.

With so many benefits it’s no wonder that developers all across Perth use this specific form for scanning concrete.

Ground penetrating radar system is the first choice of all savvy Contactors in Perth.

Detailed and Precise Reports

Once the scan is complete the technicians start preparing a detailed report complete with drawings and precise locations so that everything is known before the drilling process is underway. This can help save time, prevent further damages to existing structures beneath the concrete and also make a project risk free for drillers.

The information is laid out in such a concise manner that it becomes easy for anyone to understand which areas should be avoided while drilling. Like this contractor, concrete scanning in Perth services are reliable and up to date with the latest technology.